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Earthquake in Jabalpur: Although very sensitive to earthquakes, norms of anti-seismic technology in building construction are only on paper.Achi News

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Achi News

Release Date: | Wed, 02 Nov 2022 08:22 AM (IST)

Jabalpur, New Dunia Representative. The public was shocked by the magnitude 3.9 earthquake on Tuesday morning. There was no loss of life or property during this period, but again the scene of the devastating earthquake on 22 May 1997 was fresh. Along with this, questions have also been raised about houses made with earthquake resistant technology. The terms and conditions are that during the construction of the building, there should be columns, beam shed, frame structure and curtain wall (screen between walls) so that there is no load on the walls. Buildings should be constructed using earthquake resistant technology. A map has been sent from the Corporation on the same condition, but the fact is that these terms and conditions have been reduced to paper only.

The fact is that Jabalpur is highly vulnerable to earthquakes, leaving aside commercial buildings, about 30 percent of residential buildings do not adopt earthquake-resistant technology. The construction plan is sent from the Corporation on the condition that the builders adhere to the anti-seismic technology. But after execution of the map, the officials of the Corporation Building Branch, Colony Cell do not inspect it. Was earthquake resistant technology used during construction or not? Their duties are discharged only after obtaining affidavits from the consultants and engineers.

The city is located in the Narmada basin

Located in the Narmada basin, every construction in Jabalpur should be done with earthquake-resistant technology. The foundation of the building must be strong. The responsibility to ensure this rests with the Building and Colony Division of the Corporation. But every year more and more such constructions are being done in the city, in which earthquake resistant technology is not adopted. While sending the drawing through the Corporation, the concerned Architect, Engineer gets an undertaking and formal completion.


Four thousand drawings are recognized each year

Applications made – 5084

Approved – 4070

Rejected – 87

Pending – 1014

(Statistics from April 1, 2021 to October 2022)

The structure should be earthquake resistant

– Column, beam building

The iron of the lens is attached with two-way crank technology

If the building has more rooms, emergency doors should be provided in addition to the main door.

As per the size of the building, quality cement, sand and ballast should be used.

– The building should be equipped with a frame stretcher

-Curtain wall is necessary to keep the weight from falling on the walls


Building construction drawings should be sent on the condition that earthquake proof technology is used. In this regard, a statement is obtained from the consultant and an investigation is also carried out by the employees. Applicants belonging to poor category do not strictly follow this rule.-Manish Tatse, Assistant Engineer, Building Branch Corporation

Posted by: Mukesh Vishwakarma

NaiDunia local


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