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Delhi Excise Policy Manish Sisodia seeks CBI probe Achi News

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Delhi Excise Policy Manish Sisodia seeks CBI probe

The controversy that started in Delhi over the new excise duty policy has gained momentum. Delhi Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia said in a press conference on Saturday that the CBI should investigate the decision taken by former Lt. Governor Anil Baijal on the issue of new excise policy. He said it was important to investigate why he had changed the excise policy passed by the government earlier approved by the Lt. Governor.

For 2021, the Kejriwal government cleared the new excise policy from the cabinet in May, Manish Sisodia said. In this excise policy, the government had said that in the old excise policy there were 849 liquor shops across Delhi, and in the new excise policy there will be the same number of shops. But in the old excise policy these stores were inconsistent. There were 20 to 25 shops in any ward and none in any ward.

The deputy chief minister said there were many malls where there were 10 to 15 shops and many markets had no shops. Hence, in the new Excise Policy, this rule was laid down that liquor stores in Delhi would be distributed equally and this matter was strictly adhered to.

Recommendations accepted

He said that in May 2021, the excise policy was passed from the Cabinet and sent to the then Lt. Governor. The deputy chief minister said that before approving the excise policy, the then Lt. Governor Anil Baijal read it very carefully and gave some suggestions. He said that the Delhi Cabinet accepted all the suggestions of the Lt Governor and then sent the new Excise Policy back to the then Lt Governor in June, 2021 and approved the new Excise Policy only after reading it carefully.

Sisodia said that in the new excise policy, it was emphasized in many places that the unequal distribution of liquor shops would be removed and in such a situation there would be two to three shops in every ward across Delhi.

Shops in unauthorized areas

Sisodia also said that liquor shops will also open in areas not recognized in the new excise duty policy.

Sisodia said the then Lt. Governor did not object to the opening of liquor shops in unrecognized colonies. But when the tender was floated under the new excise policy and the file for opening the shop went to Lt Governor Baijal, he changed his stance.

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‘Added new condition’

From November 17, 2021, liquor shops will open in Delhi under the new excise policy, Sisodia said. But the Lt. Governor imposed a new condition that the permission of DDA and MCD should be obtained for opening shops in unauthorized places before November 15, i.e. exactly 48 hours. Earlier, the Lt. Governor said that when he read the excise policy, he did not impose any such condition.

Sisodia said it is important to know that shops have been opened under the excise policy for the past several years in Delhi’s unrecognized areas and only with the approval of the Lt. Governor.

Changing Lt Governor’s stand, Sisodia said that liquor shops cannot open in unauthorized areas in Delhi and cannot get new licenses in areas where liquor shops were open under the old excise duty. The case went to court.

Delhi Excise Policy Manish Sisodia Demands CBI Probe - Satya Hindi

The court ordered that the license fee should not be collected in unauthorized wards and should be exempted, which would cost the government several thousand crores of rupees. He said that the government would have got a lot of benefits through the new excise duty policy. But the then Lt. Governor changed his decision without consulting the government and the government suffered a loss.

The deputy chief minister said that due to this decision of the deputy governor, some shops could not be opened, some shops were opened and those who opened the shops got a profit of several crores of rupees.

A letter has been sent to the CBI director

In Sisodia’s letter to the CBI director, the reasons behind the sudden transfer of the Lt. Governor’s office from his own decision are stated.

He questioned why this condition was suddenly imposed 2 days before the opening of the shops when the new excise duty policy and the old excise duty policy allowed opening of shops in unauthorized places. . were kept.

ContrACHI to the excise policy approved by the Lt. Governor, Sisodia wrote that the condition was imposed to benefit certain license holders two days before the opening of the bar. Manish Sisodia had earlier said that the new excise policy would have ended BJP’s corruption and the Delhi government would have received Rs 9,500 crore in revenue in a year.

Delhi Excise Policy Manish Sisodia Demands CBI Probe - Satya Hindi

Counter attack by BJP

Regarding this issue, BJP spokesperson Sambit Bhadra said in a press conference: Why has the Aam Aadmi Party not raised its voice on this issue since last November? When the ED and CBI started an investigation in the case, Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) leaders wrote to the CBI to divert the matter and turned the needle of the inquiry on the then Lt. Governor.

Patra said that Sisodia was placing his corruption charges on the Lt Governor’s head because of the fear of the CBI. He said that Manish Sisodia waived Rs 144 crore from liquor companies without anyone’s permission.

BJP state president Adesh Gupta said that according to the master plan, there is no permission for liquor deals in mixed land use, so how did Sisodia give permission?

Leader of Opposition in Delhi Legislative Assembly Rambir Singh Bidhuri said that the Deputy Chief Minister has accepted in the assembly that liquor contracts are not being opened in 100 corporation wards in Delhi, but the government has prepared a master plan by taking huge sums from liquor. Contractors, Liquor Contracts Opened Irregularly, CBI Will Now Investigate

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Attackers of BJP and Congress

BJP and Congress parties have come up against the Kejriwal government over the new liquor policy. In the name of new liquor policy, BJP said that Kejriwal government and Aam Aadmi government have corrupted thousands of crores and therefore Manish Sisodia should resign from his post. The Delhi Congress also protested in front of the Aam Aadmi Party office regarding this issue.

Meanwhile, Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal and the Aam Aadmi Party claimed that the CBI was trying to arrest Manish Sisodia. It must be said that Kejriwal government minister Satyender Jain is already behind bars in a corruption case.


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