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Congress President Election 2022 Sachin Pilot Rajasthan Chief MinisterAchi News

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With Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Khelat contesting the Congress president election and former president Rahul Gandhi supporting one of the posts, the biggest debate in the political circles is who will be the next Chief Minister of Rajasthan.

Sachin Pilot’s camp is very active in Rajasthan as discussions have started for Ashok Khelat to become the Congress president and he hopes that Sachin Pilot will finally get a chance to sit on the CM’s chair.

In Rajasthan politics, the political rarity of Ashok Khelat and Sachin Pilot is no secret. When Congress formed the government after winning the 2018 assembly elections, both Ashok Khelat and Sachin Pilot contested for the post of Chief Minister. But the Congress top brass made Ashok Khelat the Chief Minister and Sachin Pilot as the Deputy Chief Minister. An important position like the head of state was also retained with the pilot.

But after the rebellion of 2020, both these posts were lost from the hands of Sachin Pilot.

A few months ago again Sachin Pilot and his supporters raised the demand for a change of leadership in Rajasthan. It gained momentum last month after reports surfaced that Congress president Sonia Gandhi and former president Rahul Gandhi had asked Ashok Khelat to take over as Congress president.

As Gehlot is almost certain to contest and win the presidential election thanks to the Gandhi family’s tacit support, the biggest question is who will get the Chief Minister’s chair of Rajasthan.

Congress President Election 2022 Sachin Pilot Rajasthan Chief Minister - Satya

Support for the Chief Pilot?

In the current scenario, the biggest contender for this chair is Sachin Pilot, but is Pilot’s path that easy? Will Ashok Khelat seat Sachin Pilot in the Chief Minister’s chair so easily? According to reports from Rajasthan, Ashok Khelat has produced Assembly Speaker Dr CP Joshi and State Congress President Govind Singh Thottasara before the Congress High Command. But it is said that the Gandhi family and the Congress leadership want Sachin Pilot to be the Chief Minister.

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As Ashok Khelat has been in politics in Rajasthan all his life, he has a large following within the state.

The biggest difficulty before Sachin Pilot is getting Ashok Khelat to agree to his name. It is believed that even if the Congress top somehow convinces Ashok Khelat in the name of pilot, Khelat may impose all kinds of conditions. Rajasthan Congress President Govind Singh Thottasara is close to Ashok Gehlat. Khelat’s son Vaibhav Khelat is also active in Rajasthan politics and contested the 2019 Lok Sabha elections, although he lost.

Chief Minister Ashok Khelat has said that the Congress leader will take the decision on the issue of Rajasthan, but Khelat wants the leadership of the state to be in the hands of his close friends.

But supporters of Sachin Pilot have long been demanding that the leadership of the government be handed over to their leader. Recently, State Scheduled Castes Commission Chairman Khiladi Lal Bhairwa had also expressed his support for making Sachin Pilot the Chief Minister. State government minister and Ashok Khelat’s close aide Rajendra Guda has said that he will not oppose if Sachin Pilot is made the chief minister.

Congress President Election 2022 Sachin Pilot Rajasthan Chief Minister - Satya

Pilots are popular

Although Sachin Pilot does not have a big post at the moment, despite this, he had a huge fan following on his birthday last few days. Apart from this, wherever Sachin Pilot went in Rajasthan, he was accompanied by crowds of workers and public. This shows that he is very popular in Rajasthan politics and this matter is a huge plus point for him.

But the problem for him is whether Gehlot and his camp will accept him.

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Congress should choose the Chief Minister very carefully as a Sachin Pilot Chief Minister can counter the Khelat camp and again in 2020 there could be an earthquake in the state politics. But if Sachin Pilot is not made Chief Minister, his supporters may take to the streets against the Congress leadership in the state. A few days ago, state minister Ashok Chandna faced a huge backlash from Sachin Pilot’s supporters. Chandna belongs to the Gelat camp.

Sachin Pilot needs to win the trust of the MLAs who support Gehlot and become the Chief Minister, but will they be ready in the name of Pilot? Ashok Khelat’s camp has also been raising the question of Sachin Pilot’s rebellion.

State Congress president Govind Singh Thodasara hails from the Jat community and accounts for 10 to 12 percent of the Jat population in Rajasthan. Whereas Gujjars are six to eight percent. Therefore, all aspects should be taken into consideration by the Congress top brass.

Rajasthan is one of the 2 states where the Congress has its own government. In such a situation, as the assembly elections in the state are still a year away, the Congress top brass should take a decision by the CM. Although solving this problem is a bit difficult for the Congress top brass, the Congress can solve this crisis by making Pilot the Chief Minister and giving good positions to the Khelat supporters in the government and in the Congress organization.


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