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Chief Minister Khelat sought help from the Modi governmentAchi News

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Chief Minister Khelat sought help from the Modi government

In many parts of India, cows fall prey to a disease called lumpy skin disease. Cows infected with this disease develop fever. Later, spots start appearing on their body. Many more cows have died in dire conditions. This disease is more prevalent in Rajasthan. Chief Minister Ashok Khelat has ACHIed concern over this and has sought help from the central Modi government.

According to media reports, Ashok Khelat said that the state government is making all efforts to save the cow dynasty from Lumby disease. He described cattle as the lifeblood of farmers. Along with the demand for central government funding, Gehlot called on cattle owners, NGOs and people’s representatives to come together to curb the disease.

According to reports, the disease is spreading not only in Rajasthan but also in many states like Gujarat, Tamil Nadu, Odisha, Karnataka, Kerala, Assam, Chhattisgarh, Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh. In Rajasthan, it is particularly prevalent in Jaisalmer, Jalore, Parmar, Pali, Sirohi, Nagaur, Sri Ganganagar, Hanumangarh, Jodhpur, Churu, Jaipur, Sikar, Jhunjhunu, Udaipur, Ajmer and Bikaner districts. In Rajasthan alone, the number of animals infected with this disease is said to be 1 lakh 21 thousand.

According to a report, lumpy skin is a viral disease. There is no perfect medicine for this. It is spread by the bite of certain types of fish and blood-sucking insects. It spreads rapidly from one animal to another. Veterinarians treat the disease based on symptoms. When the disease causes severe damage to the animals, the animals also die.

According to another report, the possibility of the disease being transmissible to humans is said to be very low. Doctors have also advised washing hands after touching animals. Apart from cattle, the disease is said to spread rapidly in buffaloes, goats and sheep. Timely vaccination is advised to protect livestock from this disease.

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