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‘broken many times’Achi News

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‘broken many times’

Miss Universe 2021 Harnas Sandhu has revealed how she was bullied after gaining weight. In a recent interview, Harnas opened up about it and mentioned how she gained weight after winning the competition and decided to take a month off from exercise.

“Physically I’ve grown, gained more pounds and increased my weight, which I’m completely comfortable with now. I was bullied for gaining weight,” she told People magazine.

“I was really focused on my goal (during the match). [not] Thinking about my health. After we worked out full time, did a lot of activities and succeeded, I had almost a month to rest. At that time, I wasn’t really working, I was enjoying that time with my family. I never realized that it would start showing in my body,” he added.

Miss Universe 2021 also mentioned that she broke down several times due to being bullied for her weight gain. “I’ve definitely broken down many times. Sometimes at the most unexpected times. I’m going to go on stage or something, and this whole thing comes back to me. It’s really sad,” he shared.

Meanwhile, Harnas will soon mark his debut in the entertainment industry with the Punjabi film Bhai Ji Kutange. However, on Friday, Upasana Singh (the film’s producer) filed a court case against Sandhu, alleging that he did not honor a contract. According to Upasana, Harnas was supposed to give 25 days for the promotion of his Punjabi film ‘Bai Ji Kutange’, but he did not respond to her messages or emails. He said that the film was initially postponed because Harnas could not promote the film and now that it will release on August 19, Miss Universe is not available again.

For those who don’t know, Harnas Sandhu made history by winning the title of Miss Universe 2021. Before her, Laura Dutta had won the title in 2000, while Sushmita Sen had won the same crown in 1994.

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