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BJP’s Navanna campaign, state police-administrator in Kathgara on fact-finding report Achi News

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Achi News,

Prasenjit Dasgupta, New Delhi: BJP’s fact-finding committee is going to bring the state police to book in connection with the attack on BJP’s supporters in Navanna Abhiyan. All India President JP Nadda The five-member party committee prepared by the central BJP will submit the full investigation report at 11 am on the 24th. As it will be mentioned there, the incident of 35 other BJP workers including Meena Devi Purohit being seriously injured, it will also be mentioned how BJP functionaries have been prevented from coming to the procession in different parts of the state by the state police since three or four days before the Navanna campaign. According to sources, there are even complaints of multiple arrests made by the workers and recorded in the report of the committee.

Brijlal, one of the five-member committee’s former IPS and Rajya Sabha MP, said, ‘Our report is ready. President Nadda has given us time for next 24th at 11 am. Besides handing over the report to Naddaji at the central office, we will explain all the details of Benazir’s attack on BJP workers during the Nabanna campaign.’ MP Brijlal also said that our constitution has given the right to democratic movement to every countryman. From that place, any political party can call for movement according to its own program. This is our constitutional system. But the way police brutality descended on peacefully protesting workers and the West Bengal state government’s police lathi charge and even pelted stones on BJP workers to disperse the march is rare in recent times. Everyone from women to elderly people were indiscriminately caned. Long-time party worker and Kolkata Corporation councilor Meena Devi Purohit was beheaded. Several BJP workers were injured and lay on the streets for a long time. They were not even given basic treatment. Brijlal said that all this will be in the report in a comprehensive form.

Incidentally, Kolkata became the battleground around BJP’s Navanna campaign. But all the leaders, including BJP state president Sukant Majumder, alleged that on September 10-11 and 12, the police across the state ordered all BJP workers not to attend the procession. Intimidation if necessary and even kept overnight in the police station. In this context, BJP state president Sukanta Majumder said, ‘The administration had declared an undeclared state of emergency across the state before the Nabanna campaign. From the 10th to the 12th, the police administration in Konya Konya of the state continued to intimidate our workers so that they would not participate in the Navanna campaign. After that, thousands of workers who tried to come to Kolkata by bus or train were forcibly taken to the police station on the night of 12th and kept there. Despite this, the state police did not allow the buses loaded with our workers from the nearby districts of Kolkata to enter Kolkata by force since morning.

Sukanth also said that most of the people who took to the streets during the Nabanna campaign were ordinary people who joined us to protest against the sky-high corruption of the government. As the police brutally killed these people, they used everything from stone pelting, excessive water cannons, and tear gas to disperse the march. More than 35 workers were injured in police beatings and were hospitalized. There is no estimate of how many people sustained initial injuries. From cracked heads to broken hands and feet, police batons spared no one from women to the elderly. The fact-finding committee formed by the Central President visited the houses of each injured person and saw the situation. Footage captured by the news media is a clear picture of police brutality. After the Trinamool All India General Secretary’s famous remark full of arrogance to provoke the police, ‘I would have shot him in the middle of the head’, BJP state president Sukant Majumdar hopes that the report will reveal all this.


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