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A cousin who killed his brother in a hot land dispute since Jamui’s Gitar incidentAchi News

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Achi News

Jamui: Heartbreaking news from Jamui, Bihar. Our brother killed his brother. The incident, which caused a rift in relations over a land dispute, took place in Kitar Bazaar under Kitadur police station area. A young man was killed there. Matak’s family has alleged that Pankaj Rawat killed my son and hanged him from a fan.

The matter is said to be a land dispute. As there was a land dispute between Pankaj Rawat and his own Gotia, my brother-in-law Rajesh Viskarma returned home at night after worshiping. When he returned home, he said that my sister-in-law cannot take my land.

In this case, his cousin Pankaj Rawat’s wife, Ruby Devi, beat him up after he asked her to come out and talk. The youth lost his life in the beating. He killed him. He hanged him. The deceased’s wife, mother and brother-in-law are deeply saddened as there is no one in the house. Has a brother who also lives outside. The police are busy investigating the case.

Vijay Kumar reports from Jamui

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